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Craving For Anal Sex: Hire An Escort For Some Raunchy Action

It is not unusual to crave for anal sex because once a man has experienced the tight clenched muscular hold around his penis; he is hooked to this sexual practice for life. Though, many say that anal sex is only meant for homosexuals, but the truth is that it is more pleasant for a woman; who received it. However, not many women let a man pound her behind and most of the men are not bisexual, but heterosexual so they don’t indulge in seeking a male partner. Indeed, it is a very tough situation for a man, who is not used to anal sex and can’t do without it. Hence, the straight solution to this situation would be hiring a escort.

How an escort could aid in anal sex?

The answer is comparatively very simple. All escorts have an incredible experience in raunchy activities. This includes anal sex along with other kind of sexual activities. Moreover, their anal cavity is used to accommodate a small sized to a large sized penis; which is excellent for any man because he doesn’t have to work at all for penetrating the girl. The ideas for lubrication and anal toys are innate with the profession of an escort, which would give further experience to the man. On request, a escort may also bring special toys and gels that will enhance the entire raunchy experience many fold.

Things to pay attention to prior to commencing anal sex

  • Though, all the escorts keep themselves absolutely clean for anal encounters, but it doesn’t mean that a man could pound pleasures away from her; without wearing a good quality anal condom. The sexual protection with an anal condom is necessary for a man as well as his escort partner.
  • Since there is no natural lubrication in anus, it is imperative to use a good quality lubricant as much as one may. It should always be made of vegetable oil and the base should be water. This kind of lubricant doesn’t irritate the skin and keeps the entire action friction free.
  • The man must be gentle to the escort and attend to her discomfort, if any. The pleasure of both partners in the action must be paid attention to; by the man.

Every escort agency has a fine reputation in the industry and the girls are an expert in everything imaginable. A man doesn’t have to do much, but live his fantasies through her expert lead and cooperation.